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Velký RozsutecGroße RozsutecWielki Rozsudziec (Velký Rozsutec)

Velký Rozsutec

Velky Rozsutec is a characteristic peak located in north part of the Krivanske Tatry in the national park of the Little Fatra mountains. Velky Rozsutec is one of the richest areas in botany in Slovak republic. The top consists from variety of rock formations, there are huge broken-stones cones at the foot, which dominate the whole area. Tourists should avoid dates 1. 10. and 30. 6., when the route from Medziholie via Velky Rozsutec to the saddle Medzirozsutze is closed.

Velký Rozsutec
Velký Rozsutec
Velký and Malý Rozsutec

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